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Item of the Month: Marmalade Cutter

This month’s item is an unusual object with a very specific job to do.

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This month’s Item Of The Month, chosen by our Archivist Maureen Scott, is a triangular metal shape that usually keeps visitors to our Archive guessing of its purpose.

This odd-shaped item, is emblazoned with Follows & Bate Ltd of Manchester – Patent. This is a ‘Marmalade Cutter’.

Follows & Bate Ltd Marmalade Cutter.
Follows and Bate Ltd Marmalade Cutter (Ref: LS2024.0053).

The implement has a clamp on the reverse, for attaching it to the edge of a table, so that it is upright. Then, using the accompanying wooden pushing device, you can push the oranges downwards whilst moving the blade back and forth with the large upright handle, allowing the orange slices to be cut and fall down into your own container.

Follows and Bate Ltd

Follows and Bate Ltd of Manchester are known to have been operating from at least the 1870s through to 1939, and they made many different kitchen devices for sharpening knives and cutting food items, as well as machinery, and latterly lawn mowers. The National Archives holds copies of their catalogues in their archives.

By Maureen Scott

Maureen Scott is the Archivist at The Littleport Society. She also used to work at Hope Brothers Limited, and Burberrys in Littleport, about which she wrote 'A Wonderful Man' (2023). She can often be found at The Barn, sorting and archiving items, and welcoming visitors to the collection. She is mad about dogs.