The changing face of agriculture captured in new book

A new book captures the changes in farming at J H Martin & Sons of Littleport.

A new paperback book compiled by Linda Barker and The Littleport Society, captures the memories of the changes at the J H Martin & Sons farm in Littleport through the eyes of its employees.

‘The Changing Face Of Agriculture’ draws together the recollections from John Martin, alongside Dennis Phillips, Keith Jackson, Derek Timbers, and Maurice ‘Mo’ Godsmark all of whom help to paint a picture of the changes in farming practices in Littleport over the decades, and is packed with photographs.

Copies can be purchase from us directly at The Barn, Littleport, or alternatively, those in the UK can buy from our online store.

By Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin is the Digital Projects Manager at The Littleport Society, he works with the Archivists to digitise and catalogue our archive. He's also a Cambridgeshire family historian, and the host of The Family Histories Podcast.