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A pocket-sized pictorial tour of Littleport’s long-ago streets.

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This fascinating pocket-sized book of over 160 old photographs depicts scenes, people, and events from everyday life in and around Littleport, over a period of more than one hundred years.

The River Ouse played an important part in the commercial development of the village and was navigable as far as Littleport for small ships bringing goods for Ely and the surrounding areas. We see many images of the working river, although it was also very popular for leisure activities, with one of the earliest photographs featured in the book showing a Fenland skating race held on the frozen River Ouse in 1890.

There are scenes too of street parties, school treats, and coronation celebrations. Perhaps, one of the most memorable of Littleport stories is that of the bread riots in 1816, which is also referred to.

This collection of photographs comes from a wide variety of sources and offers a unique view of the development of a place of distinction. It will be enjoyed by all who know and love this Cambridgeshire village.

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Eileen R. Gill, The Littleport Society


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