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Albert Ball and The Red Baron

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This DVD from The History Channel, explores Albert Ball and The Red Baron – two of the deadliest aviators of WWI.

Albert Ball

British Ace and hero Albert Ball was perhaps the Allies’ best known flyer of the Great War. Originally an infantryman, Ball was one of the first members of the Royal Flying Corps but, on 7th May 1917, he would depart for his last flight. Whilst engaged in a ferocious dog fight with the Germans over Northern France he was seen heading into heavy cloud cover with his machine guns blazing. That was the last time anyone ever saw him alive.

Official German records claim Lothar Von Richtoffen, brother of the Red Baron, shot Ball down but this was never officially confirmed and remains a mystery of the war.

The Red Baron

When Manfred von Ricthofen took to the air in a personal quest for glory, he became the most famous war time aviator in history. Known as the Red Baron, he was the scourge of the skies with an unprecedented 80 confirmed kills during the conflict. Now, military and aviation historians reveal what made Ricthofen so effective, reliving his astounding exploits while clips show him in action. This is the story of a true knight of the air.

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